Some Manitoba homeowners are not too happy to find higher than usual electricity bills — the result of this winter's cold snaps, according to the province's power utility.

Manitoba Hydro says it has been fielding calls from customers demanding to know why their latest bills are so high.

Some homeowners' bills are hundreds of dollars more than what they would usually pay.

Hydro spokesperson Scott Powell says a record amount of electricity has been used this winter, peaking on three days in December in January.

"Anytime you have an extended cold snap, you're going to have higher energy consumption," he said.

Ian Bastin, who owns a large older home in Winnipeg's River Heights neighbourhood, says he had to run six space heaters for days when a pump on his boiler malfunctioned.

"I knew something was going to happen. I knew it was going to be a higher bill," he said.

He was right: Bastin's latest Hydro bill came in at $200 more than what he normally pays.

But Bastin said he's not upset, as he's glad his pipes didn't burst or he didn't have to move his family out when the home's temperature dropped to 4 C.

"I mean, I knew it would be higher," he said. "So yeah, it was a surprise but … I knew something was coming down the pipe as far as our electricity consumption was."