It was a rainy start to the Thanksgiving long weekend in southwestern Manitoba on Friday, thanks to a Colorado low that moved into the province.

It started raining Friday morning in the southwest, with a total of 50 millimetres expected by Saturday morning, according to CBC meteorologist John Sauder.

Rainfall warnings were in effect for the Swan River, Duck Mountain and Porcupine Provincial Forest regions, south to Virden and Souris.

CBC weather specialist Marilyn Maki was en route to Brandon on the Trans-Canada Highway on Friday afternoon when it started raining near the Highway 5 junction.

"We're still able to travel the speed limit — we're just doing under 100 km/h — but the wipers are on fast and it is really hard to see," she said at 4:30 p.m.

Rainfall amounts in the southeast, including the Red River Valley and Winnipeg, were expected to be significantly less.

There was a line of showers crossing the Canada-U.S. border that was expected to reach the Winnipeg area by around 5:30 p.m., Sauder said, adding that there would be embedded thunderstorms along with the rain.

Farmers getting nervous

The heavy rainfall has been making many farmers in southwestern Manitoba nervous, as a fairly wet fall has already delayed their harvest.

Producers had been working around the clock in the past week, when it was sunny and warm.

But if 50 millimetres of rain falls over the weekend, as expected, it would take a while before those farmers can return to their fields, said Elmer Kaskiw, a farm production adviser with Manitoba Agriculture.

"It is probably going to be … seven to 10 days before guys can get back into the field," he said.

"There is a bit of concern that it's going to take us into that last week of October before we can get maybe some of this crop."

Meanwhile, five warm weather records were set on Thursday, with the warmest spot being Victoria Beach with 22.9 C.

Berens River at 18.6 C, Oak Point Marine at 20.6 C, and Pilot Mound with 19.9 C also hit record highs for the day.