The Manitoba government has issued a flood warning for Dauphin Lake and a flood watch for the lakes in Whiteshell Provincial Park due to high rainfall amounts and more rain in the forecast.

Provincial flood forecasters say higher than normal precipitation levels have led to high stream and lake levels.

A number of waterways have seen upwards of 200 per cent more rain than normal, including the upper Assiniboine River basin, the Lake Winnipegosis basin, the Dauphin Lake basin and the Winnipeg River.

Dauphin Lake is about a foot below the flood stage of 858 feet above sea level, and it's expected to keep rising over the next week, prompting the flood warning.

Significant rainfall amounts in Whiteshell Provincial Park in recent weeks have led to record-high water levels in some lakes.

While water levels in most of the lakes have since gone down, forecasters say they're worried that the weather forecast for the area calls for 20 to 30 millimetres of rain in the coming days.

In fact, more rain is expected in the next couple days across much of western Manitoba and parts of eastern Manitoba, according to officials.

Flood officials say they have asked the federal government for permission to use the emergency control outlet at Lake St. Martin if water levels reach a critical stage.

Using the Lake St. Martin outlet would also relieve high water pressure on Lake Manitoba, which is half a metre below what levels would be if they are not regulated by flood control infrastructure.

Flood officials say while they are concerned about current levels in some waterways, they aren't in the same situation as the 2011 floods.