Hot, dry summer days might sound as mythical as unicorns or yetis, but people in southern Manitoba are about to find out they do actually exist.

After what seemed like an eternity of rain and cool temperatures last week, the forecast is now calling for a bit of a heat wave.

In Winnipeg, the skies are expected to be blazing with sun and temperatures between 25 C and 31 C from Thursday through to early next week.

In southwestern Manitoba, where people are dealing with the flooding and evacuations in the wake of torrential rains, the days should be even hotter — between 26 C and 33 C — helping to evaporate some of that water.

It's been a miserable month in that part of the province. According to Environment Canada's senior climatologist David Phillips, Brandon received more than three times its normal rainfall amount in June.

It was the wettest month ever for that city.

Phillips said Brandon had over 250 millimetres of rain in June. Normally, they'd get about 80 mm.\

In Winnipeg, 170 mm of rain fell last month instead of the normal amount of 90 mm.