Heather Jones hollers hard for Olympic sister, Jennifer

There was some early-morning moments of nervous silence, followed by screams of joy in the Winnipeg home of Heather Jones.
Canada's Jennifer Jones is moving onto the Olympic gold medal curling game after defeating Great Britain 6-4 on Wednesday. The Winnipeg-based rink of Jones, lead Dawn McEwen, second Jill Officer and third Kaitlyn Lawes will face Sweden on Thursday, streaming live on cbc.ca/olympics at 8:30 a.m. ET. (Damien Meyer/Getty Images)

There was some early-morning moments of nervous silence, followed by screams of joy in the Winnipeg home of Heather Jones.

The sister of Canada's skip for the women's Olympic curling team watched the Jennifer Jones rink on Wednesday stamp their pass to the gold-medal game.

"I have such a sense of pride for that team and for my sister, for the country and, oh, I'm just beside myself to be honest," Heather Jones said following Canada's 6-4 victory over Great Britain.

Heather Jones, Jennifer's sister, said she is bursting with pride for the Canadian women's curling team. (Courtesy Heather Jones)
It was the 10th-straight win for Team Canada at the Sochi Olympics, guaranteeing them of winning a medal when they face Sweden on Thursday (streaming live on cbc.ca/olympics at 8:30 a.m. ET).

Heather Jones said she woke up her six-year-old daughter during the game's last end “so I could scream a little louder."

“There was, 'Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!’ to those sweepers. I don't know if I helped them, but I think I did," she said about her sister's last rock, an open-ice draw to the button to seal the win.

Had Jones missed the shot, while leading 5-4, Great Britain would have scored three and won 7-5.

"Oh and I was just hoping that she'd make that shot. It's just, it was hard to watch, it was very hard to watch and very nerve-wracking," Heather said.

"That's why I'm not a championship curler, because I probably would have not drawn a cold to the four foot."

Heather said Wednesday's game made her the most nervous because now it's playing for colours (medals) and no matter what her sister will have a medal.

“They are over the moon. They just can’t wait to get on the ice tomorrow,” she said.

While she doesn't have rituals, Heather said she does have good luck charms — and they were all put to use on Wednesday morning.

"I have little things that I wear, I have a couple of rings that she gave me that I always put on, so that I feel closer to [Jennifer]," she said.

As for Jones, she confirmed she's ready to hit the ice on Thursday.

“We’ve battled through so many things, and here we are, standing in the Olympics in the gold medal game,” she said. “Win or lose, I can guarantee you, as I always say, we are going to leave it all on the ice.”