The weekend's hot weather melted a number of records in Manitoba.

Victoria Beach hit 35.3 C Sunday, obliterating the record set two years ago of 28.1.

It was not only Manitoba's hot spot, but Canada's, too.

Carberry smashed its earlier record by more than 2 degrees, hitting 32.4. Carman was even warmer, at 32.9.

Fisher Branch was also up there, hitting 32.5.

Other communities breaking previous records Sunday include Melita at 32.0, Pinawa with 31.2, Portage/Southport with 31.7, and Shoal Lake at 31.2

In Winnipeg, the mercury hit 32.9, mercifully not breaking the record of 35.9 set back in 1989.

Keep your cool; the temperatures are expected to stay high for most of the week.