Heat warning issued to southwest Manitoba

Temperatures in southwest Manitoba are forecast to be about 32 C but hot and humid conditions will push the humidex values into the 40s.

Seniors, children, people working outside advised to stay hydrated, limit physical activity

The extreme heat expected in southwest Manitoba today can put people and pets at risk. (Natacha Pisarenko/Associated Press)

A heat warning is in effect for parts of southwest Manitoba.

Temperatures in the area are forecast to be about 32 C today but hot and humid conditions will push the humidex values into the 40s, according to Environment Canada.

Heejune Chang, a public health doctor with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, said people working or playing outside need to be extra careful, because they are at a higher risk for heat stroke. 

"Make sure you stay well hydrated, take a rest, whenever you need it, go to the shade whenever you need it, in spite of what you may be doing, your own health is extremely important."

Older adults, infants, young children and anyone with a chronic illness are advised to take extra precautions from the heat and be sure to drink plenty of liquids.

People are also urged to make sure pets are taken care of — keep them in the shade, provide them with plenty of water, limit their food and exercise. 

The heat warning covers the following areas:

  • RM of Albert including Tilston and Broomhill
  • RM of Arthur including Melita and Coulter​
  • RM of Brenda including Waskada Medora and Goodlands
  • RM of Cameron including Hartney​
  • RM of Edward including Pierson and Lyleton
  • RM of Morton including Boissevain and Turtle Mountain Provincial Park​
  • RM of Whitewater including Minto Elgin and Fairfax
  • RM of Winchester including Deloraine​
  • RM of Daly including Rivers and Wheatland
  • RM of Glenwood including Souris​
  • RM of Pipestone including Pipestone and Oak Lake First Nation
  • RM of Sifton including Oak Lake and Deleau​
  • RM of Wallace including Virden and Elkhorn
  • RM of Whitehead including Alexander and Beresford​
  • RM of Woodworth including Kenton and Sioux Valley First Nation

The extreme heat also means unsettled weather, which could lead to thunderstorms.