A union wanting to represent all ambulance crews in the newly amalgamated Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA) is in hot water.

Last week ambulance crews were at a crash near Portage La Prairie, when it appears a representative from the Manitoba Association of Health Care Pofessionals (MAHCP) dropped union literature into the cab of the ambulance — while paramedics were treating a victim in the crash.

That union and the Manitoba Government Employees Union are in the middle of a vote to see which will represent the 500 ambulance workers in the region.

Jim Hunter with the SRHA says the union was out of line.

"It was not appropriate and we will be contacting MAHCP," he said.

"The protocol to the unions is that they're not to approach employees or the workplace while they are working. They're certainly welcome to approach them after work and away from the worksite."

MAHCP head Bob Moroz insists the worker wasn't campaigning when he placed the literature in the ambulance.

He says one of their people happened upon the crash and called for emergency crews. While on the scene he noticed a paramedic using one of the MAHCP's notebooks.

The paramedic asked for more notebooks, and the man went to get a package of them. But the package may have also contained union literature, Moroz said.

Hunter says the vote for union representation is fairly contentious and will last another three weeks.