A Headingley woman is calling for dogs in her rural municipality to be leashed when in public after her dog was bitten by another running loose, and later died from the injury.

Laurel Gilewicz was walking her bearded collie, Lammer, on a leash in the community last week, when they turned a corner and another dog suddenly appeared.

"He just came charging at my dog," she said. "It happened so fast." The dog went after Lammer. "His teeth really went in deep," she said.

Gilewicz's vet told her to clean the bite and put antibiotic ointment on it. But over the next week his condition worsened. She said Lammer, who was 14-years-old, had little energy and was vomiting. The vet said bacteria from the bite had entered the dog's blood stream. On Wednesday, Gilewicz made the heartbreaking decision to put him down.

"It's your dog and its your companion," she said "He was just such a sweetie pie. He was a gentle soul."

Dog owners in Headingley are not required to keep their dogs on a leash when they are out in public. Gilewicz wants the rural municipality to adopt a by-law similar to Winnipeg's, which prohibits dog owners from letting their pets run at large.

Bill McDonald of the Winnipeg Humane Society agrees. He said dogs are unpredictable. "Nobody knows why and how dogs react to certain stimuli," he said.

The municipality has ordered the owners of the dog who attacked Lammer to pay a $75 fine and Gilewicz's vet bills. They've also been told the animal must be kept on a leash, and be muzzled, when in public.