A 22-year-old man who was killed and stuffed inside a barrel had a bad temper, his girlfriend told a Winnipeg courtroom on Wednesday.

Chad Davis

The remains of Chad Davis, 22, were discovered inside a barrel that had been floating near the shoreline of the Lee River in July 2008. (Police handout)

Chad Davis was found wrapped in industrial-style plastic and stuffed in a barrel that surfaced on the Lee River northeast of Winnipeg in July 2008.

Cory Tymchyshyn and Kristopher Brincheski were both charged with first-degree murder in Davis’s death, which was believed to be drug-related.

Their trial continued throughout the day Wednesday, with more testimony from Davis’s girlfriend Courtney Sych.

Defence lawyers cross-examined Sych, who revealed the cocaine-dealer had been convicted of assaulting her and there was a restraining order against him.

Despite that, Sych continued to date him before his death and testified he was a great boyfriend.


The remains of Chad Davis were found in this barrel, pulled from the Lee River near Lac du Bonnet in 2008. The photo is part of a series shown to jurors at the trial. (CBC)

“He did some bad things to me. I knew he needed my love in his life with the lifestyle he was in,” she testified through tears. “He’s not the only one I dated who was a bad boy.”

Sych said his behaviour towards her got better before his death.

On Tuesday, Sych testified Davis was collecting large debts from people he had sold cocaine to, and the pair were planning to leave town together.

She testified on the day Davis went missing, he told her he would be back soon but never returned.

Tymchyshyn's lawyer Roberta Campbell pressed Sych on her feelings about the man accused of killing her boyfriend. Sych admitted she didn’t like Tymchyshyn and he didn’t like her.

Detective testifies about slain man's visit to accused's home

Det. Matthew Freeman testified on Wednesday that he interviewed Tymchyshyn about the day Davis disappeared.

Freeman said Davis Tymchyshyn said Davis showed up in a Jeep at his house that day but left about a half hour later in a white cab.

The Crown then presented evidence showing no Winnipeg cab companies with white vehicles were called to Tymchyshyn’s home around the time Davis went missing.

Crown attorneys did note one cab company had no records for that time period.