Harold the stowaway scorpion heads to Winnipeg zoo

The arachnid hitched a ride to Manitoba in luggage from South Africa.
Theresa Arnott named this scorpion, which unexpectedly travelled with her from South Africa back to Manitoba, Harold. (CBC)

Harold the scorpion is heading to a new home at Winnipeg's zoo.

The South African arachnid, which hitched a ride to Manitoba in luggage belonging to Theresa Arnott, has been living in a makeshift terrarium at Arnott's home in Stonewall since he was found on Monday.

"I am very excited to share [Harold] with the public and for sure it will be an empty house without [him], but I know this is the right thing to do," Arnott said on Friday.

She said he will head to the Assiniboine Park Zoo on Saturday. She does not know yet which exhibit Harold will end up in, but plans on visiting him.

Arnott discovered Harold after moving a wicker basket in her bathroom. She had just returned from a Christmas visit to see family in South Africa and figures the critter was hiding in the clothes in her suitcase.

She named it after Herolds Bay, the area in South Africa she was visiting.