Ian Layton MacDonald, 52, Samantha Stevenson, 13, and Tommy Beardy, 35, were shot in the North End of Winnipeg on Oct. 23. MacDonald and Beardy died from their wounds. ((CBC))

An aboriginal advocacy agency in Winnipeg's shell-shocked North End has come up with a plan to ensure a Halloween celebration can happen this year for area children.

On Sunday, the Indian and Métis Friendship Centre will hold a one-stop shop for trick-or-treating, because many parents are too frightened to let their children roam from door to door.

Saturday night will mark one week since the area was rocked by three shootings in a 35-minute span, prompting a massive police presence as they continue to search for a suspect or suspects.

Two men were shot and killed in the spree. A 13-year-old girl was also shot and seriously injured. The shootings took place just blocks apart on Stella Walk, Dufferin Avenue and Boyd Avenue.

'Any community, if they had three shootings … I think they would think about wanting to keep their kids safe.' —Nancy Flett

Police initially responded to the crimes by taking the unprecedented step of warning people in the area not to answer their doors to strangers while they established control of the crime scenes.

They have since flooded the area with officers and set up a mobile command centre.

The friendship centre on Robinson Street is not far from where the first of the fatal shootings took place.

Programming director Nancy Flett told CBC News many parents remain too worried to let their kids have a traditional door-to-door Halloween, so a plan was hatched to open the centre's doors to let the costumed kids have fun safely.

"It's very hard to just come out and say you want to come out and cancel Halloween," Flett said. "They still get to wear their costume when they come here to the centre, so it's a good thing.

"Any community, if they had three shootings… I think they would think about wanting to keep their kids safe," Flett added.

The centre is asking the public for help collecting candy for kids who attend. Candies or treats can be dropped off at 45 Robinson St. over the next few days.