A new survey of Manitoba teachers has found many of them are logging long hours and feel overworked.

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society released the results of its latest survey this month, showing nearly half of all teachers in the province are logging more than 50 hours a week at their jobs.

The survey found 89 per cent of full-time teachers were logging more than 40 hours a week.

The survey also found nearly 60 per cent of teachers are finding their workloads too heavy to do their job well.

Nearly half of Manitoba teachers reported on-the-job stress having impacts on their health.

Specific issues included a wide variety of student needs, large classroom sizes and responsibility for a variety of subject areas.

The Manitoba Teacher’s Society survey is the first one that has been conducted in four years and was distributed to teachers in early 2013.

The group represents about 15,000 teachers in the province ranging from early years to high school instructors. About 7,700 educators filled out the survey.

The society plans to use the results to work with local teachers’ associations and unions during the collective bargaining process.