Hail and heavy rain pummel southeast Manitoba

Severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect through the southeast part of the province as of noon Friday, as a line of strong storms works its way east Friday afternoon.

Around 50mm of rain fell in 20 minutes in Steinbach early Friday afternoon

Niverville streets filled with water as a thunderstorm sweeps through the area Friday afternoon. (CBC)

Severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect through southeast Manitoba as of noon, as a line of strong storms works its way east Friday afternoon. 

CBC meteorologist John Sauder said the main threats with these storms are lightning, toonie-sized hail and strong winds.

Steinbach got pummelled as nearly 50 millimetres of rain fell in only 20 minutes Friday afternoon. And there are unconfirmed reports of up to 100 mm of rain in Niverville. 

There are dozens of homes with flooded basements in Niverville, the town's spokesperson Myron Dyck told CBC, adding water filled the streets quickly, in some spots as high as car door handles.

Dyck said the town's sewer system simply couldn't handle that much, that fast.

John Sauder suggested people do what they can to avoid the storms.

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