H&M to open store at Winnipeg's Polo Park

The retailer said it will open a 25,000-square-foot store in Polo Park in the fall of 2014.

Fashion giant says it's opening in fall 2014

Fashion giant H&M says it will open a store in Winnipeg's Polo Park shopping centre in the fall of 2014. (CBC)

Fashion giant H&M has confirmed it is coming to Winnipeg. It announced its plans on social media site Twitter Wednesday morning.

H&M said it will open its store in Polo Park in the fall of 2014. (Twitter )

The retailer said it will open a 25,000-square-foot store in Polo Park in the fall of 2014.

H&M spokesperson Emily Scarlett said Winnipeg has been at the top of the retailer's wish list for a while. And Winnipeggers should brace for a major marketing blitz. 

"Whenever we come into a new market, we always come in and like to say we 'paint the town H &M red,'" she said. "We usually come in with a huge marketing and advertising campaign. We have been known to do events before we open new stores in new markets, so you'll definitely 100 per cent know when it is time for us to open."

She said the chain considered many locations in the city.

"That's part of the reason why it's taken so long," she said. "For a new market like Winnipeg, we always want to be able to bring the full range of what H&M has to offer, and that means minimum 20,000-square-feet for a store." 

Polo Park's general manager Deborah Green said it's great news. Green said they've been working on the deal for six or eight months.

"We are so thrilled that they will be joining us next fall," she said. "It's really going to add to the complement of dynamic and exciting retailers that we have here at the mall. It's really rounding out the mix that we're able to provide to the Winnipeg shopper."

The store is to make an announcement on the specific location in the mall in the next month or so.


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