About 30 Greyhound bus passengers spent Sunday stranded at the company's terminal at Winnipeg's airport, leaving many fuming about a lack of communication or compensation from the company.  

Sheril Watt said she and her three children were dropped off in Winnipeg at 4 a.m. Sunday after being delayed by a crash outside Thunder Bay.

They've received no word from the company on when a bus might arrive to take them home to Edmonton, she said.

"No explanation, nothing," she said. "We're waiting for supervisors to come in and tell us what's happening. No one spoke to us, so we're just here like bums in the lobby, my kids sleeping on the floor. There's nothing for us, we're just here waiting for whatever."

She said she'd taken catnaps on the grass outside the terminal and her kids have been sleeping on the floor of the building. When she asked about getting a refund, she said she was told it could take months.

Stranded kids

Two of Sheril Watt's three children nap on the floor of the Greyhound bus terminal at Winnipeg's airport. About 30 people have been waiting there for a bus since 4 a.m. Sunday. (Submitted by Sheril Watt )

Other than a complimentary breakfast, the company has offered nothing for those stuck waiting, Watt added.

"I feel like I'm in a Third World country. I'm from a Third World country and If I see this happen [there] I would understand, but not here in Canada … It's not humane, you know?"

Raymon Lepins said he's trying to get home to British Columbia. He said he loves riding the bus, but more needs to be done to ensure they run on time and not leave passengers "living at the terminals for hours on end."

"Greyhound needs to be responsible for taking care of its people and its passengers," said Lepins.

Fatal accident triggered long delay

Greyhound, in a statement to CBC News, apologized to the affected passengers, but said the delay was a situation beyond its control due to a "fatal accident" involving other vehicles on the highway which saw the road shut down for hours for an investigation. 

A company spokesperson said customers who missed connecting buses were rebooked on the next available. People in Winnipeg headed to Calgary were to be on the road by 8:30 p.m. CT. Anyone travelling to Edmonton should be departing around 11 p.m. CT, said the spokesperson. 

Customers received food vouchers "multiple times" Sunday, the statement said. "And we ensured we communicated to them, and explained next steps when we reissued their tickets."