Two teenage boys who allegedly stole a pickup truck in Winnipeg got caught after they got greedy.

Police said one of the two boys — aged 16 and 18 — took a pickup from a home on Coventry Road in the city's Charleswood neighbourhood just after 2 a.m. Tuesday.

He drove off and picked up the other boy a few blocks away on Elmhurst Road.

The boys then found a key in the truck and went back to the Coventry home to find if another vehicle matched it, police said.

But while there, the owner of the truck confronted them but the boys sped off in the stolen truck.

Police, including the Air-1 helicopter responded and found the truck abandoned near the 1200 block of Edderton Avenue.

Both boys were then found nearby and arrested.

They are charged with possessing property obtained by crime and possessing marijuana.

The 16-year-old is also charged with driving carelessly and without a license.