Great Ice Show cost a little lavish for some Winnipeggers

Ticket prices at the new Forks attraction are fair to some, but others say $80 for a family of four is simply not affordable.

Expect to pay $80 for a family of 4 to attend the Great Ice Show at the Forks

Some people say it's well worth it. Others say they won't be checking out the sculptures and shows because it's too pricey. 1:09

The Great Ice Show is now open but not everyone is rushing to visitTicket prices at the new Forks attraction, while fair to some, were simply too expensive for others.

Entry for two parents and two children to explore the slides and sculptures at the Great Ice Show will cost $80 per day. Adult tickets are $25 and child tickets are $15, according to the Great Ice Show's website.

"It's too much money for us," said Forks-visitor Shirley Adam. "We're out. I thought the celebration of winter the city was having was for everybody."

Others defended the price tag and said it was fair considering 40 artists from Harbin, China flew to Winnipeg to create the Great Ice Show in a month. 

"$25 isn't too bad to see world class sculptures," said Jim Herriot, also at the Forks on Tuesday.

"I think people need to understand the cost of magic to happen," added Winnipegger Chloe Chafe.

Andy Zhao, one of the organizers behind the Great Ice Show, said the price of entry is in line with other events in Winnipeg like Festival du Voyageur.

"We want Winnipeggers to have a new experience. We only have a few players here trying to make winter in Winnipeg booming," he said.

Other entertainment options for a family of four:

  • Manitoba Children's Museum: $44 ($11 flat rate for visitors of all ages)
  • Star Wars the Force Awakens (3D) at SilverCity: $50 ($11.50 for children ages 3-13 and $13.50 for adults)
  • Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream: $80 ($20 per ticket for 200-level seating)
  • Festival du Voyageur: $86  ($32 per adult and $11 for children 5-12 for a 10-day pass)
  • Billy Elliot the Musical: $104 ($26 per main floor ticket)