A third Winnipeg family has come forward with questions about discharge policies at the Grace Hospital, after their loved one died following her release.

"It just seems unbelievable to me. This is not somebody sitting … in a nursing home that, you know, was sick anyways," Marg Anderson said of her sister, Dianne Vincent.

"She was a very vibrant, vibrant woman and I just honestly can't believe she's gone, and neither can her family."

Vincent, 70, was visiting family members in Winnipeg for the holidays when she collapsed on Dec. 29, the day she was scheduled to fly home to Vancouver.

Vincent was rushed to the Grace Hospital's emergency room, where doctors said she had a brain bleed and should stay in the hospital for a week, according to Anderson.

Anderson said she was stunned when the hospital discharged Vincent on Jan. 2, with staff giving her the all-clear to fly back to Vancouver as long as someone accompanied her on the flight.

Vincent's son flew from Vancouver to Winnipeg to accompany his mother on the flight home on the same day she was discharged.

But on Jan. 11, Vincent had another brain hemorrhage and was declared brain dead. She was taken off life support and passed away on Jan. 18, her sister said.

"Why did they let her go home, then, if this was going to happen? From everything I've heard and seen, she shouldn't have flown that quickly," Anderson told CBC News on Tuesday.

"Why did they change their mind within 24 hours?"

Case under investigation

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is investigating Vincent's case, but officials say they are not treating it as a critical incident at this time.

"Based on information we have right now this incident is not currently being investigated as a [critical incident] but we welcome any additional information the family may share regarding this patient's care which may lead to further review," the health authority said in a statement to CBC News.

Vincent was admitted to the Grace on the same day that Wayne Miller, a 62-year-old who had a major aneurysm, was discharged from the same hospital and sent home in a taxi.

Miller was later found unconscious on the sidewalk outside the home. He was dead before emergency crews arrived.

The incident involving Miller happened within two days of another man, 78-year-old David Silver, being sent home from Grace Hospital in a taxi.

Silver did not make it inside and died on his front porch. Health officials says he died after a heart-related health complication.

Anderson said if her sister did die because she was released from Grace Hospital too soon, she hopes such a tragedy does not happen to another family.