Golf course ripped up by spinning truck tires

A golf course south of Winnipeg is assessing damage after someone ripped up the greens by doing spins in a truck.
Some of the greens at the Southside Golf Course are damaged following an incident involving a truck late last week. (Submitted by Larry Lipischak)

A golf course south of Winnipeg is assessing damage after someone ripped up the greens by doing spins in a truck.

Wendy Mandryk, co-owner of Southside Golf Course just off Highway 59, said the path of destruction is visible right from where the truck drove into the ditch from the highway onto the golf course.

Along the way, it crashed down municipality signs and stop signs, she noted.

"And they obviously came onto our golf course, did damage and then they torched the vehicle in a nearby field," she said.

The burned-out truck was found in the field, following the incident, which happened on Sept. 20.

Four greens on the golf course were damaged to some degree but the No. 3 green is destroyed, Mandryk said.

She said it makes her sick considering how much work went into developing the course.

"Initially, you know, you kind of [have a] sense of disbelief and then you kind of feel sick you know? All the work that we've really tried to do, to be ruined just in an instant."

They bought the land in the early 1990s and opened it as a golf course in 2002.