It was a big win for Canada in Sochi, and the Canadian women's team may be fuelling a big win for women's hockey in Winnipeg.

Ashley McFadden may be the face of the sport's future.

She's been playing since she was three. The 13-year-old was up at 6 a.m Wednesday to watch Canada's women's team go up against the U.S., and win.

ashley mcfadden

Ashley McFadden, 13, has been playing hockey since she was three. She says the Canadian women's win over the U.S. inspires her to shoot high. (CBC )

Ashley said their victory gives her something to shoot for.

"It gives me, like, someone to look up to," she said.

Ashley and her two sisters all play hockey.

Number of girls in hockey almost doubled

Their mom, Colleen McFadden, is with Female Hockey Winnipeg and is the director of three girl's divisions.

COLLEEN mcfadden

Colleen McFadden of Female Hockey Winnipeg says girls' participation in hockey in Winnipeg has almost doubled since the last winter Olympics in 2010. (CBC)

She said girls' interest in hockey has exploded since the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.

"We've gone from about 650 females across the city playing, to close to 1200," she said.

Colleen said she expects wins like Team Canada's Wednesday will net even more players.

"It creates excitement," she said. "It shows these girls to never stop dreaming. You never know what's around the corner if you work hard enough."

It's not only girls chipping the puck.

Tracy Wright said she was inspired to take up the game at 39, partly by her sons, and partly by the glamour of the winter Olympics.

Olympic women role models

"It's easy for the boys to have role models with the NHL. But to have the girls competing at such a high level it probably makes a big difference for the girls." she said.

Wright trains with other women at The Rink on Lowson Crescent in south Winnipeg.

Instructor Sean Pettinger said girls and women make up nearly half the students.

"Definitely seeing more and more girls get into hockey," he said. And colleges in the U.S. are starting to notice.

"There's lots of opportunities for girls as far as hockey scholarships goes in the States," he said.

Ashley McFadden said it's not just that more girls are playing - they're playing better.

"Girls are getting a lot better," she said. "They're practising more. And there's a lot more teams and everyone just seems to keep improving."