Girl, 14, dies after struck by semi in Manitoba

A 14-year-old Manitoba girl has died after she was hit by a semi-trailer this week.

A 14-year-old Manitoba girl has died after she was hit by a semi-trailer this week.

The crash happened in Morden on Wednesday afternoon at about 4 p.m.

The girl, Taylor Penner, was walking after school with her younger sister. They were walking their bikes across a road when Penner was hit by the back wheels of the semi, according to police.

Morden police chief Brad Neduzak said the semi was making a wide turn as the girls started to cross the street when the light changed.

"The wheels on the trailer made contact with [Penner] and the bike she was pushing. The other cyclist was able to drop her bike in time and avoid also being hit," he said.

An investigation is ongoing but charges aren't being considered at this time, he said, adding the incident has had a huge impact on the community.

"It is, especially in a small community, it certainly effects everybody when you're that close. I have a daughter around the same age and she knew her so, yes, it's very tragic,"Neduzak said.

Western School Division Supt. Stephen Ross said a crisis team is at each school in Morden to help children and staff cope with Penner's death.

"The family has children in three of our schools and so we have students grieving across our community in multiple schools, as well as staff," he said.

"It has had a real impact."