A Winnipeg Transit bus driver who gave his own shoes to a homeless man last week says he hopes others will carry out their own "AOKs," or Acts of Kindness.

The story of Kris Doubledee's generous act went viral after stunned Winnipeg Transit passengers saw the bus driver giving the shoes off his feet to a man on Sept. 18.

The man, who appeared to be homeless, was walking barefoot on a downtown sidewalk that morning, with temperatures barely above 0 C.

"When I helped that gentleman, I felt good," he told CBC News on Monday.

"Like, every time I help somebody I feel good, and it'd be nice to bottle something like that so you can experience that all the time."

Doubledee said his "AOK" is something anyone can do, as long as it's "anything that you do with your heart."

"It doesn't have to be giving the shoes off your feet to somebody in need of shoes," he said.

"It could be anything … [like] helping somebody get across the street or anything."

The international attention Doubledee has been getting over his act has included an appearance on CBS' This Morning in New York City on Saturday.

Doubledee said the last few days have been a blur, but he added that he's looking forward to driving a bus again.