Winnipeggers are experiencing the highest gas prices since the fall of 2008.

Stations on south Pembina Highway have raised their price to 121.9 per litre.

However, many stations in the city still list their prices at anywhere between 109.9 to 113.5 per litre.

Dustin Coupal, one of the founders of, a website that enables people to report and see prices, said drivers should brace for the price to go up and stay up.

"Unfortunately, this time of year is when there's a lot of up pressure on prices, so it would be pretty unusual for prices to go down substantially in the next few months here unless something happens on crude oil [prices]," he said.

The price of gas in Winnipeg has increased from 96 cents per litre at the beginning of the year where it is now because of the increasing price of crude oil, which is hovering near $110 per barrel.