Thieves are plaguing yet another community garden in Winnipeg.

Tammy Junghan, co-ordinator for the University of Manitoba Students Union (UMSU) community garden, said she's never seen the problem as bad as it is this year.

"All of the carrots were dug up and the tops were left behind. We had cucumbers, zucchini, corn, a lot of different vegetables [also stolen], but the carrots were the ones that just got me," she said, adding sarcastically, "how gracious."

Someone also came in, dug up the potatoes from under the dirt mounds, then replaced the leafy tops on the mounds.

Perhaps people don't realize the garden plots are rented and the veggies aren't free for the taking, Junghan said, again with much sarcasm.

Rod Kueneman, president of the Riverview Garden Society, told CBC News on Monday that many of the society's gardeners are also having their plots raided this year far more than in the past.

"They took corn. They took tomatoes, squash, onions, cabbage," he said. "They just came through and cleaned them out."

Kueneman said passersby might think the produce is free for the taking. But he also thinks it's a sign of the times, as people struggle with rising food prices.

"We've seen people with bags [full of stolen produce]," he said.