A funeral service for the four victims of a plane crash in southwestern Manitoba will be held in Waskada Monday.

A father, his two young songs and another young boy were killed in the crash on Feb. 10.

Darren Spence, his sons Logan and Gage as well as their friend Dawson Pentecost all died after their Cessna crashed in a farm field near Waskada.

As many as 850 people are expected to attend the service, though Waskada has only about 200 residents.

Jason Wickham is a friend of the Spence family and said he’s been touched by the support from across the province.

"Darren had lots of friends and just the family alone — concerned people — I am guessing there will be lots of people here today," said Wickham.

Denise Benton is the principal of Waskada School and said the town's children are dealing with their loss by sharing memories about their friends in class.

"The kids actually are amazing. They are pretty resilient and because of all the fantastic support we’ve had, not only from our division but from all around us, I think that they are ready to move forward," said Benton.

Trust funds have been set up for the funeral costs of Pentecost and another special fund is now accepting donations to help send a child to hockey camp in the summer.

All three boys played on the same hockey team in the town.