Dr. Walid Abdelhamid is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage patient in Winnipeg. ((Winnipeg Police Service))

A Winnipeg doctor accused of sexually assaulting a teen boy will make his first appearance in a Greek courtroom Monday as police await their opportunity to bring him back to Manitoba to face trial.

Dr. Walid Abdelhamid, 30, has been in custody in Greece since Aug. 6 after airport security in Crete arrested him on the strength of a Winnipeg police warrant on file with Interpol.

Abdelhamid was on the run for about a year after failing to attend court in Winnipeg in August 2009. Two months earlier, he was charged with sexually assaulting a patient at the Children's Hospital in Winnipeg.

Police said the male patient was between 13 and 17 years old at the time of the alleged assault .

Winnipeg police Const. Jason Michalyshen couldn't say Sunday how much longer it will be before local officers can travel to Greece and bring Abdelhamid back to face the charge.

"We're dealing with a country we typically don't deal with," he said.

Flight from Canada a mystery

Michalyshen said, however, that Manitoba justice officials have completed the paperwork needed to extradite Abdelhamid and have sent it to Greek authorities.

It has not yet been revealed how Abdelhamid was able to flee Canada after being charged. His passport was seized by the courts as a condition of his release from custody, pending a trial.

Court records show he will now forfeit $5,000 cash that was deposited with the courts to secure his release.

Abdelhamid is originally from Libya. At the time of the alleged attack, he was a postgraduate medical resident at the University of Manitoba and working in Canada on a training visa.