Fugitive doctor back in Winnipeg

A man who fled Canada after being charged with sexually assaulting a teenaged patient at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre is back in the custody of city police.
Dr. Walid Abdelhamid is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage patient in Winnipeg. (Winnipeg Police Service)

A man who fled Canada after being charged with sexually assaulting a teenaged patient at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre is back in the custody of city police.

Walid Abdelhamid, 31, was working at HSC as a doctor when he was charged with assaulting the boy on two occasions in June 2009.

The victim was not physically injured, police said.

Abdelhamid was released from custody on bail but didn't show up when it was time for his court date.

An international warrant was then issued for his arrest and Abdelhamid was taken into custody in August 2010 while travelling through an airport in Crete, Greece.

Canadian and Greek Authorities have been working on the extradition process since then.

On April 7, 2011, extradition was approved by Greek authorities and Winnipeg police travelled to Athens last week to escort Abdelhamid back to the city.

He arrived in Winnipeg on Tuesday morning.

No date has yet been set for a court appearance.

"As one can imagine, when dealing with circumstances of this nature, the extradition process can be complex and very time consuming," stated a news release from the Winnipeg Police Service, which offered its thanks to the numerous agencies involved, including the Greek authorities, French National Police, Canadian Border Services Agency, Montreal Police Service, Interpol, Justice Canada and Manitoba Justice.

Father a Libyan official

Abdelhamid was working in Canada on a training visa. He had spent two years in Ottawa before coming to Winnipeg to study medicine at the University of Manitoba and work at the HSC.

The alleged attacks were on a patient who was immobilized and on morphine he'd been given for pain relief.

The Crown had fought hard to keep Abdelhamid behind bars when he was first charged. Prosecutors suggested he would probably flee Canada if he were released and never return to face justice.

They noted he had made at least four recent trips to visit his family in Austria.

Abdelhamid's father was a wealthy, high-ranking official in the Libyan government and held a government position in Vienna at the time of his son's initial arrest.

With files from The Canadian Press