A Winnipeg man has named the lane behind his Fort Rouge house after the area's city councillor out of frustration that the lane has become a high-traffic route.

Jim Haier has put up a sign by his house on Gertrude Avenue, calling the back lane "Gerbasi Highway" after Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry Coun. Jenny Gerbasi.

Haier said since Gerbasi voted to make a stretch of Nassau Street a one-way street, he has seen a crush of traffic speeding down the back lane.

"We've counted over 600 cars a day — that's two cars a minute coming down here. At supper time or the evening rush hour, it's just constant flow," he said Wednesday.

"And this isn't a street. This is a back lane. It's like three feet from my house."

Haier said people in the neighbourhood can't even walk down the lane anymore.

"This thing here has just ruined this community," he said. "We used to visit out here. Now you can't do that."

Gerbasi told CBC News she will have public works officials look into the impacts the change is having.