The massive frozen pipe problem in Winnipeg continued to expand Sunday, with many homes seeing their temporary hose lines freeze overnight.

More than 1,100 homes are now on a list to have city crews thaw their pipes. Some of those homes have had city crews hook up temporary hoses from their neighbours only to see them freeze.

City officials said some homeowners were reporting frozen temporary hose lines on Saturday after a cold snap overnight.

Officials said crews are responding as quickly as possible to fix the temporary hose lines, but some people are still waiting for weeks to have their pipes thawed.

If your temporary hose line has frozen, the city recommends using a warm towel or pouring a glass of hot water on the tap to thaw it.

They also advised turning off taps (if possible) until city crews arrive to repair it.

Officials expected fewer reports of frozen hose lines in the coming days as temperatures were expected to warm up.

Anyone who is dealing with a frozen temporary hose line can call 311.