The Canadian Museum for Human Rights website crashed Wednesday after a crush of people tried to take up an offer of free tickets to preview the facility ahead of its Sept. 20 opening.

CMHR spokeswoman Rhea Yates said they tested the website to handle 5,000 people but so many people logged on at 10 a.m. that it crashed the system.

The museum's technical people are working to fix the problem but in the meantime, Yates said people can send an email instead to: 

  • (English)
  • (French)

Include your name, phone number and the number of tickets you want for the preview.

"We've decided the best thing to do is to go another way because we recognize that this is taking people's time," Yates said, adding the demand shows that people want to be a part of the opening of the museum.

They'll take emails until 5 p.m. and if the demand for tickets outstrips the number of available tickets, they'll put everybody into a lottery draw.