A free spay and neuter clinic is attracting a line-up of cats and their owners Friday outside the Pet Valu on Main Street.

The store's operations manager, Stacey Cameron, says over the next two days the clinic hopes to operate on 70 cats belonging to owners who otherwise couldn't afford to get their pets fixed.

Cameron said though, some people are also bringing stray cats into the clinic as well, and they are welcome.

"Some people are trapping cats," she said. "So if they know a cat in the neighbourhood that's going around and making messes, they're trapping them and they're bringing them to us. So we had to take the necessary precautions to spray flea and tick stuff in our back room."

Cameron said many owners are grateful for the free service.

But many are making donations, as well. She said that's in addition to people feeding strays out of their own pocket.

"And these are not registered rescues," she said. "These are just these little ladies who keep finding these cats in their neighbourhood."

Cameron said the free clinic is an attempt to deal with Winnipeg's exploding cat population.

She said a fundraiser last spring between her two Pet Valu locations on North Main Street and Reenders Drive raised $17,000, which paid for the clinic.

Cameron said over the summer more than 100 dogs and cats have gone through the clinics.