A group of professional photographers is putting smiles on hundreds of faces in Winnipeg on Saturday. 

A mini studio has been set up at the Siloam Mission to take holiday portraits for people who can't afford it. 

It's all part of a worldwide charity event called Help Portrait.  

Jon Adaskin helped spearhead the event in Winnipeg, to help those who are struggling to overcome difficult times. 

"For us to be able to capture that one little bit of a smile that says, 'I'm ok today,' that's really a gift," said Adaskin.  "They are actually giving up the gift more than we are giving them the gift."

help portrait winnipeg

Shannon Seaton poses for a portrait taken by Jon Adaskin at this years Help Portrait event at Siloam Mission. (Alana Cole/CBC)

Katrina Tinman started coming to Siloam Mission last year. She said she will be sending her portrait to her father who lives in Minnesota as a Christmas gift.

"It's a good way to be able to show the face again, and show the most current look," said Tinman. 

"Your family members can see where you are at…being able to see your face, because you can see a lot by being able to see someones smile," she said. 

Another group of photographers has set up at Rossbrook House where they are taking free pictures with Santa.