A grass fire in a south Winnipeg neighbourhood has been brought under control late Wednesday.

The fire near Fraser Road was reported shortly after 4 p.m., putting approximately 20 homes at risk for several hours.

Crews used shovels, rakes and wet brooms in residents' yards to keep the grass fire away from homes, while the provincial government brought in two water bombers and another aircraft.

Some residents became worried when firefighters advised them they might have to leave their homes.

However, other residents said grass fires happen in the neighbourhood every so often, so they were not too concerned.

Very dry conditions have been a serious concern across southern Manitoba in recent days.

The Rural Municipality of St. Clements issued a burning ban on Wednesday, meaning no outdoor fires are allowed. That means no fireworks or fires in contained fire pits are allowed.

Municipal officials say there is an extremely high risk of wildfires at this time.

Firefighters fought grass fires outside of Brandon and in the Headingley area on Tuesday.