Some parents in Fort Rouge are steamed over a construction project they say is putting their kids at risk.

“I’m terrified just at the thought of my daughter walking down the street to the park,” said Shannon Raffey.

Raffey lives near Lord Roberts Community Centre where there is a massive construction project underway to prepare sewer lines for a new condo development.

Raffey and other parents are angered over big holes being left uncovered at night.

“It’s a complete mess,” said Raffey. “Yesterday and the day before when I came to pick my daughter up, there were holes, and I did not even have access to the front door.”

A pre-school program operates out of the community centre and said they’ve trying to open up a side door to make a safer entrance point for kids and parents but that has created another safety issue.

“With these doors being open, we don’t know who is coming in and out, and it’s a huge safety issue,” said Rosette Hakim, the program’s supervisor. “We aren’t able to stop them, and the doors aren’t locked.”

Hakim said she has also seen big, deep holes left uncovered when workers leave. That puts kids from the program at risk as well as children in the area who visit the community centre.

“You never know, if they are curious and they look in there and fall in,” she said.

There’s no word on when the construction project will be complete, but parent Amber Lindsay wants to see workers taking more care for the duration of the project.

“I would like to see more safety provisions brought up here. There is lots of heavy, heavy machinery moving around during the day,” she said.

Gem Equities is the developer behind the project. Spokesperson Andrew Marquess said if parents have concerns about safety, they can call the safety hotline number at 204-505-0656.