Current MLA: Jennifer Howard, NDP

Riding profile: Created by redistribution in 1957, it formally came into existence in the general election of 1958.

The riding, located in the central section of Winnipeg, was eliminated in 1989 and re-established in 1999.

It is bordered to the north by the Assiniboine River and to the east by the Red River.

The southern boundary includes Mulvey Avenue, Osborne Street, the CN main line, and Carter Avenue. The western boundary includes Wilton Street, Garwood Avenue, Guelph Street, Wellington Crescent, and Harrow Street.

The riding underwent major changes as a result of the 2008 boundary revision and no longer includes a large northern portion, between the Assiniboine River and Portage Avenue (including the Manitoba Legislature).

It also expanded southward and now includes the area between Corydon Avenue, the railway, and Carter Avenue.


Voter turnout

  • 2007: 62.29 per cent
  • 2003: 54.65 per cent
  • 1999: 70.59 per cent



Jennifer Howard, NDP

  • Government House leader.
  • Minister of labour and immigration. 


Population: 20,830

Average family income: $75,134

Unemployment: 4.2 per cent

  • Minister charged with the administration of the Workers Compensation Act.
  • Minister responsible for the status of women and persons with disabilities.
  • First elected MLA for Fort Rouge in 2007.
  • Served as MLA assistant to Gord Mackintosh.
  • Former executive director of the Women’s Health Clinic.
  • Previously held positions with the Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence and the Manitoba Action Committee on the Status of Women.


Paul  Hesse, Liberal

  • Lawyer with Pitblado Law.
  • Co-founded the Winnipeg Rapid Transit Coalition.
  • President of the Association des juristes d’expression francaise du Manitoba, a group committeed to access legal services in French.
  • Chair of the immigration section of the Manitioba Bar Association.
  • Serves on the board of Pride Winnipeg.


Sonny Dominique, PC Party

  • Part owner and director of sales for Fusion Power Bandz Canada.
  • Presently completing bachelor of business administration degree at the University of Winnipeg.
  • Served as MC at the Indo Caribbean Paradise pavilion at Folklorama 2011.
  • A professionally trained dancer.
  • Competed in martial arts and has played hockey competitively for 10 years.
  • A first generation Canadian of East Indian descent.


Stephen Weedon, Green Party

  • Spent the first 18 years of his life in rural Manitoba where his parents had an ecotourism business.
  • Lives in Fort Rouge.
  • Has a bachelor of arts degree in anthropology and international development from the University of Winnipeg.
  • Has worked a variety of jobs from manual labour to research to marketing to neurorecovery.
  • Has visited 22 countries on four continents, including a seven-month microfinance practicum in Uganda.


Results from 2007 provincial election



Total votes

Percentage of votes cast

Jennifer Howard




Paul Hesse




Christine Waddell

PC Party



Gerald H. Enns




Ron Nash




Frank Komarniski





Political history

  • 2003: Tim Sale (NDP) defeated PC Mark Francis by 2,709 votes.
  • 1999: Tim Sale (NDP) defeated PC Ron Paley by 1,788 votes.
  • 1988: Jim Carr (Liberal) defeated NDP Roland Penner.
  • 1986: Roland Penner (NDP).
  • 1981: Roland Penner (NDP).
  • 1977: Lloyd Axworthy (Liberal).
  • 1973: Lloyd Axworthy (Liberal).