Choreographer Lindsay Nelko has always dreamed of presenting a full-length evening of her work. Now her dream will turn into reality when Awakening premieres in New York City on August 6.

The former Winnipegger entered the Capezio A.C.E. Award and was second runner up, which entitled her to three shows at the Aily Citygroup Theatre.

"I'm really excited to have this opportunity, it was really an amazing journey," she said.

Awakening was inspired by the dream state. "The story is really important to my life because it is my awakening -- it's my journey, it's my path. It's all the experiences that have shaped my life, so I feel that bringing it through with movement is just incredible, especially with these dancers," she said.

Nelko, who is currently living in Los Angeles, grew up in Winnipeg, learning dance at her mother's school, Shelley Shearer's School of Dance.

"It was a really great experience, I just feel that creatively I was more suited as a choreographer and I started that from a very young age," she said.

"Choreography is definitely my outlet, mentally, spiritually and physically. I don't really feel there's any way to express how I feel without movement."

Nelko already has a number of successes under her belt, having choreographed for The X Factor and So You Think You Can Dance.

Awakening premieres on August 6 at the Aily Citygroup Theatre in New York City, followed by two more performances on Thursday.​