Two former sheriff's officers are facing another round of sex-related charges.

Richard Gordon and Jackie Burgoyne have been charged with three more counts of sexual assault after police said two more alleged victims came forward.

Police said a 21-year-old woman alleges she was taken to the couple's home in the northeast part of Winnipeg, and sexually assaulted after meeting them at a bar in 2010.

Another alleged victim, a 30-year-old woman, told police she was sexually assaulted twice by the couple, once at a residence in the northeast part of the city, in April of 2012.

Police said the woman alleged she was sexually assaulted a second time at the same residence three months later by the same people, where she was also forced to take drugs before the assault.

Gordon and Burgoyne made headlines when a sex tape they made with a porn star showed up on the internet.

Four women have already come forward alleging they were assaulted.

Police said the two suspects are being held at the Provincial Remand Centre in Winnipeg.