Barbara Judt is throwing her hat into the political ring. She used to run Osborne House, a women's shelter that has since been renamed Willow Place under a new board of directors.

Judt has been confirmed as the Progressive Conservative candidate for the constituency of St. Johns in the April 19 provincial election.

She has been on medical leave from the women's shelter since October 2013. Judt was embroiled in a public battle with the NDP over the funding and operations of Osborne House. 

Osborne House still operates as telephone resource line for women and families in need of support, and Judt is the current CEO.

A government spokesperson says Osborne House is no longer associated with the province in any way. It relies on private donations, according to Judt.

Judt will run against Gord Mackintosh, the minister of justice and the attorney general for Manitoba. Mackintosh was the minister of family services when Judt started at Osborne House.

She says it's fitting now to be running against the NDP. And she admits it's personal.

"I was outraged at how the NDP government treated Osborne House, the people it services and how they treated myself and the board. It was high-handed and it was arrogant. And I think it's a great way to face my opponent and look him right in the eye. Let's run a race and let's go for it," she said.

Judt is not worried about her chances of going up against Mackintosh. 

"I think I have a great chance, just as much as Gord," she said. "The NDP aren't leading in the polls and we are going to run a strong campaign. I have great community support."

Judt said she was asked to run by PC Leader Brian Pallister.

In a statement to CBC News, a spokesperson for Mackintosh said, "Gord Mackintosh welcomes Barbara's participation in the upcoming provincial campaign, and looks forward to meeting her on the doorstep while debating matters important to Manitoba families and the residents of St. Johns."