Former Blue Bomber Buck Pierce retires from playing

Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber Buck Pierce is retiring, according to his current team, the B.C. Lions.

Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber traded back to B.C. Lions in September 2013

Former Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Buck Pierce has announced he is retiring from playing football. (John Woods/Canadian Press)

Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterback Buck Pierce is retiring, according to his current team, the B.C. Lions.

Pierce spent five seasons with the Lions before moving to Winnipeg as a free agent in 2010.

He was then traded back to B.C. in September 2013.

Pierce was a fixture in the Winnipeg community but was mired by injuries throughout his time in the city. He lived in the city year-round and made a tearful goodbye to friends and fans when he departed for B.C. again.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers retweeted a number of congratulations and well-wishes for Pierce, including one from their own spokesman, Darren Cameron.

“A cliché that fits this to a tee — a good football player, an even better person. Congrats on your CFL career Buck,” read the tweet.

According to a release from the B.C. Lions Football Club, Piece said he was “ready to move into the next phase of my football career.”

When asked of the Bombers were planning on hiring Pierce in a coaching capacity, Cameron said, "It is our club’s policy not to comment on potential hires in any capacity."

Cameron added Buck just retired so "nothing is imminent today."