Forks land to be transformed into tiered plaza, park, homes

Winnipeg got a look at the new plan for the remaining 12 acres (close to five hectares) of land at the Forks.
Parcel 4 is just a gravel patch of parking space at the moment. (Google Street View)

Winnipeg got a look at the new plan for the remaining 12 acres (close to five hectares) of land at the Forks.

The plan was unveiled Friday and includes the creation of a tiered park, plaza and residential component.

"For us this really completes the original vision of the Forks and brings people great new public spaces and great new places to gather,” said Clare MacKay, who works with the Forks.

MacKay said although there wasn’t adequate support for residential development in the area five years ago, the public is behind it now.

"We like the idea of residential — it brings that 24 hour presence to the site — as well as increases the feeling of security on the site," said MacKay.

The yet-to-be-developed plot is also known as the Rail Side and Parcel 4.

The development will cost more than $200 million, most of which is coming from private investors.

The plan goes before a city planning committee next week.