Forget rapid transit, fix roads, says Coun. Scott Fielding

Winnipeg Coun. Scott Fielding wants the city to spend its money on fixing roads rather than extending rapid transit.
Scott Fielding stands near the intersection of Waverley Street and Taylor Avenue to announce his petition to get the city's roads repaired before extending rapid transit. (Jillian Coubrough/CBC)

Winnipeg Coun. Scott Fielding wants the city to spend its money on fixing roads rather than extending rapid transit.

He  launched an online petition Thursday for people to sign if they agree that should be city hall's priority. He announced his petition during a news conference at the pothole-riddled intersection of Waverley Street and Taylor Avenue.

"Residents are telling me we need to fix our existing and needed roadworks first, before we look at a new $600-million-plus transit mega project," Fielding said.

"Rapid transit is important but should be deferred until we address the crumbling road systems in Winnipeg."

Fielding, who hasn't yet declared himself a mayoral candidate for October's civic election, referred to himself in his press release as "the only potential mayor's candidate that is talking about fixing our crumbling roads as a priority."

Projects that could benefit from the $600-million rapid transit money, include:

  • Kenaston Boulevard (Ness to Taylor): $129 million
  • Waverley underpass: $105 million
  • Chief Peguis Trail extension (Main to McPhillips): $110 million
  • Chief Peguis Trail extension (McPhillips to Route 90): $130 million
  • Edward Schreyer Parkway (Plessis to Chief Peguis): $60 million
  • William R. Clement Parkway (Grant to Wilkes): $60 million

Fielding's petition is on his website at