A Winnipeg Blue Bombers coach was honoured Saturday by the first football club he ever played for.

The North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club named its main field at Charlie Krupp Stadium after receivers coach Markus Howell.

Howell, who grew up in the city's north end, began his career on that very field.

"I was choked up when they told me, and teared up a little bit," said Howell.

"You know, hard work pays off. You know, you grow up sweating on the field, playing, bumps and bruises, for the board of directors to see me as an example to these kids, that's overwhelming I tell you that."

Howell played in the CFL for for 11 years after being drafted by the Bomber in 2000. He retired after the 2010 season and stayed on as to coach the receivers.