Your grocery bill is about to go up, according to the University of Guelph's Food Price Index 2013.

It anticipates grocery prices to rise by as much as 3.5 per cent.

The most commonly used food items will see the biggest increases:

Milk is expected to go up as much as 3 per cent, bread by 4 per cent, and eggs by 5 per cent.

But co-author of the report, Mike von Masson, said meat is expected to top the list.

"We would expect meats, particularly beef and pork, to go up more significantly," he said.

"We're saying probably as much as four and a half to six per cent."

Shoppers in Winnipeg are digesting the news.

Judy Herscovitch, shopping at Cantor's Grocery, said paying for the best is getting harder.

"It's tight," she said. "I've had to cut back on things."

Store owner Ed Cantor said he's raised meat prices by 40 cents a pound this year.

"You feel bad, you know, people look at you differently. 'Why are you raising prices?', he said.

"But you have no choice."

The report warns the coming higher prices will force more people to rely on food banks.

That possibility has already occured to Judy Herscovitch,

"Luckily so far I'm able to give to the foodbank," she said.

"But you know it's always there.. in the back of your mind."