Food prices skyrocket in Manitoba

It's getting more expensive to eat healthy foods in Manitoba.
Food prices graph for Manitoba (CBC)

It's getting more expensive to eat healthy in Manitoba.

New figures from Statistics Canada show in Manitoba fresh vegetables cost 23.5 per cent more this September, compared to last September.

Distributors blame a cold snap in California, a stunted Manitoba growing season, and recent provincial tax increases.

"Cauliflower went from roughly around $22 a box to $45 a box," said Munther Zeid, who owns a number of Foodfare grocery stores in Winnipeg.

"So what do you sell something like that for? I mean, you hate to sell it at that high of a price but there are customers that are still wanting it."

Alberta and Saskatchewan also saw a major increase in the price of fresh vegetables but Manitoba's 23 per cent increase was the largest in the country.

Price changes in past week in Winnipeg


Last week: $1.99/pound

This week: $4.99/pound


Last week: $1:89/pound

This week: $3.59/pound

Head lettuce 

Last week: $1.29/head

This week: $1.99/head 


Last week: $0.99

This week: $1.49

** Prices at Foodfare, 2285 Portage Ave., provided by owner Munther Zeid


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