Fogging crews to make up time after weather stalls spraying

Fogging crews will be out again Sunday night after weather kept them from getting to all the neighbourhoods they planned to spray Saturday evening.

Inclement weather conditions kept crews from spraying some target areas Saturday, the city says

Mosquito-fogging trucks will roll down Winnipeg streets Thursday night, for the first time this year. (CBC)

Fogging crews will be out again Sunday night after weather kept them from getting to all the neighbourhoods they planned to spray Saturday evening.

If weather permits, spraying at the following missed fogging locations will take place between 9:30 p.m. Sunday and 6:30 a.m. Monday :

  • Area 19 — Maple Grove, Normand Park, River Park South, St. Vital Centre, Vista.
  • 21 — Agassiz, Cloutier Drive, Fort Richmond, Montcalm, University.
  • 23 — Tuxedo Industrial, West Perimeter South, Whyte Ridge, Wilkes South.
  • 24 — Brockville, Buffalo, Chevrier, Linden Ridge, Lindenwoods, Pembina Strip, West Fort Garry Industrial.
  • 27 — Elmhurst, Eric Coy, Marlton,  Ridgedale, Varsity View, Vialoux.
  • 29 — Edgeland, Old Tuxedo, South Tuxedo, Tuxedo.

The city said if it finishes the list of places it was meant to hit Saturday, the following additional spots will also be sprayed between Sunday night and Monday morning:

  • Area 3 — Eaglemere, Grassie, McLeod Industrial, North Transcona Yards, Springfield South, Valley Gardens.
  • 5 — Chalmers, Glenelm.
  • 6 — East Elmwood, Kildonan Crossing, Munroe East, Talbot Grey, Tyne Tees.
  • 7 — Griffin, Meadows, Peguis, Radisson, Regent, Victoria West.
  • 8 — Cantebury Park, Kern Park, Kildare Redonda, Transcona North.
  • 9 — Dugald, Melrose, Mission Gardens, Transcona South, Transcona Yards, St. Boniface Industrial Park.
  • 10 — North St. Boniface, Tissot, Central St. Boniface, Dufresne, Mission Industrial, Holden.
  • 13 — Alpine Place, Elm Park, Lavalee, St. George, Varennes, Worthington.
  • 15 — Niakwa Place, Southdale, Southland Park, Symington Yards, The Mint.
  • 16 — Island Lakes, Royalwood, Sage Creek.
  • 17 — Dakota Crossing, Meadowood.
  • 19 — St. Vital Perimeter South.

A map of all the insect management areas is available on the city's website.

Daily average trap counts for Sunday sat at 184, a number the city considers high.

Malathion fogging is suspended whenever the temperature falls below 13 C and/or if wind becomes a factor.

Sunday's forecast called for northwest winds of 20 kilometres per hour after midnight.

The City of Winnipeg's 51 insect management areas (City of Winnipeg)