Floodwaters have washed out sections of Provincial Road 415 near St. Laurent. ((Sean Kavanagh/cbc))

The rural municipality of St. Laurent is being inundated by overland flooding, says a councillor for the community in Manitoba's Interlake district.

Hugh Sigurdson told CBC News Tuesday that water is coming from all directions. There is runoff from the land and backed-up water from drains that are overflowing, he said.

"Between a half and three-quarters of our roads in the municipality are washed out and closed, and schools have cancelled the school buses because they can't get to the schools," said Sigurdson.

"And unfortunately, the major problem is that the water coming from the east is flowing right into town, and now the people in the town are going to get it."

Sigurdson estimated a few hundred homes are at risk, and the municipality is considering evacuations.

The RCMP have also advised motorists to be cautious using Highway 6 just north of the town, which is located about 95 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, on the southeast side of Lake Manitoba.