Some people in Morden, Man. are cleaning up after heavy rainfall caused the creek in the city to overflow resulting in severe flooding over the weekend.

Irvin Wiebe, the deputy mayor of the city, said the Dead Horse Creek spilled its banks after rain pounded the area Friday night.

"With that heavy rainfall over such a short period of time, it was just one of those things that our creek just can't handle," said Wiebe.

He said the water rose very fast, with more than 100 millimetres of rain since Thursday, damaging roads and homes located near the water.

"Of course some anxiety for some of the home owners, it was coming right up to the windows halfway up the driveway," said Wiebe.  "That created some anxiety and some of the low lying areas had to be sandbagged."

Wiebe said the flooding has left some home owners frustrated after having spent thousands of dollars to help stabilize the creek banks in their backyards.

At least one culvert collapsed, causing Ninth Street at South Railway to be closed down. 

Most of the water had cleared out by Sunday. The city has been posting updates on flooding conditions on its website.

This is the second time in the past two weeks that the community has been hit by overland flooding.