The owner of a campground near St. Francois Xavier, Man., says he's bitter that farmers in the area want more compensation for the 2011 flood, but he hasn't received any money.

Has Koria's Winnipeg West KOA Campground, located on the Assiniboine River, was destroyed by flooding in the spring of 2011.

Koria said he could not open the campground that summer, and he also lost part of the 2012 camping season as he spent nearly $250,000 to repair the damage.

All of that money was spent without any financial assistance from the Manitoba government, he said.

"It seems as if there [are] no programs for an independent business like ours. It seems as if everything is geared more for farming," Koria told CBC News.

'There is bitterness'

Earlier this week, dozens of farmers blocked the operation of the Portage Diversion, which redirects flood water from the Assiniboine River to Lake Manitoba.


Campground owner Has Koria says he has fallen through the cracks of every provincial flood assistance program from which he has sought compensation. (CBC)

The farmers, some of whom received some compensation, claim they were promised multi-year compensation for damages to their land from the 2011 flood.

"There is bitterness. At least they have got something for it," Koria said.

"They're a seasonal business, just like ours. They have crop insurances and programs like that that they can rely upon. For an independent business, there is nothing out there."

Sales in one part of Koria's business were too high for him to qualify for the province's disaster financial assistance program, and he was rejected for a flood-proofing program because his campground does not have buildings.

Koria said he filed an appeal over a year ago, but he has yet to hear back from the province.

"Hopefully they won't push us through the cracks again," he said.