Environment Canada has ended air quality warning for Flin Flon and surrounding areas after smoke from an out of control forest fire billowed in.

The federal weather agency issued the statement at 5:41 p.m. Saturday for Flin Flon and its surrounding region, including Cranberry Portage, Snow Lake and Herb Lake Landing.

The warning was cancelled around 4:30 a.m., Sunday 

According to the Manitoba Government, a forest fire just north of Flin Flon ignited by a lightning strike on Aug. 7 has grown to nearly 4,000 acres in size and is listed as "out of control" by the Sustainable Development department.

In a bulletin issued Friday, the province said crews were making "good progress" fighting the blaze. Nearly 450 fires have been reported this year, and 165 of them remain active, said the province. 

"Hot and dry conditions have elevated the wildfire danger levels in many areas of the province," said the bulletin.

Environment Canada said air conditions in the Flin Flon region were expected to improve into Saturday night.

The agency encourages people do the following things in areas affected by wildfires:

  • Limit outdoor activity and/or strenuous physical activity; if breathing becomes difficult or uncomfortable, stop or reduce the activity;
  • Reduce exposure to smoke by staying indoors or moving to areas with cleaner air, as conditions can vary dramatically by area;
  • Turn off furnaces and air-conditioning units that may draw smoke indoors;
  • Keep indoor air cleaner by avoiding smoking or burning other materials. 

Flin Flon is located 760 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, on the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border.